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Best Practices for Replacing Windows in Winter

Skilled window replacement companies can replace windows during any season, including winter. They just need to follow special window installation procedures to protect your home from the elements. There are many good reasons to consider scheduling window replacement in the winter, including more availability from contractors, lower prices and the benefits of improved insulation during the colder months. 

Today, Madison Door  the best practices for winter window replacement.
Remove One Window at a Time – When replacing windows in the winter, window installation companies should replace one window in the home at a time rather than doing them all at once. This limits the amount of opening in the home that expose your living space to the cold air outside. 

Keep the Interior Doors Closed – While a window is being replaced, the door to that room should be kept closed to protect the rest of the home. This will limit heat loss and prevent cold air from entering the other areas of the home.

Use Plastic Barriers – Bay and bow windows are composed of multiple windows and cover large window openings. The window installer should use plastic floor-to-ceiling barriers to cover the opening during the replacement. This acts as a temporary measure to prevent cold air from entering the room.

Keep the Home Clean – Your window contractor should use shoe-covering booties, tarps and other methods to protect your furnishings and floor from dirt, mud, construction debris and snow. Before hiring your replacement window company, make sure to ask them about their cleanliness practices and if they plan to clean your home after the window installation.

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