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Delivery person going out using an outward swinging exterior door

Can exterior doors swing out?

Yes, exterior doors can swing out in New Jersey. They’re often used for enhanced safety and weather sealing. But it’s crucial to check local regulations before choosing this design for homes. Why Door Swing Direction Matters? When it comes to home design and architecture, even the smallest details can have a significant impact. One such… 

How to frame an exterior door?

To frame an exterior door, begin with accurate measurements, then cut the opening and set the studs. Our guide walks you through installing the jamb, hanging the door, and sealing gaps for a secure, insulated entryway. Disclaimer: The content provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only. Properly framing an exterior door requires… 

Person measuring door using tape measure

How to measure exterior doors?

Start by measuring the door’s width from one side to the other. For height, measure from bottom to top. Always round measurements to the nearest inch for accuracy. Read below for the full guide. Why Accurate Measurements Matter Accurate measurements aren’t just numbers on a tape measure; they’re the foundation of a successful home improvement… 

Person painting door in blue using a paint brush

How to paint exterior door?

To paint an exterior door, remove it and take off hardware. Sand it, wipe clean, and apply primer. Once dry, use quality paint for two coats, letting each dry. Finally, reattach hardware and hang it back up. Why Paint Your Exterior Door? When it comes to home improvements, certain projects offer a transformative impact with… 

Black Frame Windows and Their Benefits

Have you recently noticed how black windows are slowly trending in modern home design? Many industry experts agree that they provide several design benefits and functions that cater to almost any home style and preference. Some of the biggest reasons that make black windows so stylish and appealing for many homes include:

What Are the Parts of Your Entry Door?

A solid entry door is made of different components that work together to increase your home’s efficiency and visual appeal. If you’re looking to replace your old entry door, it helps to be aware of what the usual terms mean when talking to different contractors. Madison Door, a top choice for your door replacement needs, defines the different parts below: