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Black Frame Windows and Their Benefits

Have you recently noticed how black windows are slowly trending in modern home design? Many industry experts agree that they provide several design benefits and functions that cater to almost any home style and preference. Some of the biggest reasons that make black windows so stylish and appealing for many homes include:

What Are the Parts of Your Entry Door?

A solid entry door is made of different components that work together to increase your home’s efficiency and visual appeal. If you’re looking to replace your old entry door, it helps to be aware of what the usual terms mean when talking to different contractors. Madison Door, a top choice for your door replacement needs, defines the different parts below: 

window design trends

2022 Design Trends for Windows and Doors

Are you planning to replace your windows and doors? This year is the perfect time for a home improvement project. However, with so many options to choose from, many people have a hard time deciding how to upgrade their window and door design for their homes. Fortunately, this year brings plenty of exciting new trends to inspire homeowners. Read on as Madison Door shares the biggest window and door design trends for 2022. 

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What to Look for in a Window Frame

When tackling a window replacement project, there are a lot of bases you need to cover. Apart from the window style and the size of the panes, you should also take the window frame material into account. After all, it will significantly affect you and your family’s quality of life after your new windows are installed.