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The Many Ways Cold Weather Affects Windows and Doors

Winter is now in full swing. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping drastically, and ice and snow are all you see when you go out. However, not a lot of people realize how cold weather can have an impact on windows and doors. The lasting effects of some of these problems often necessitate the replacement of the affected units.

The following are some of the issues you need to keep an eye out for this winter:

Air Leaks

Winter air leaks not only make your home feel uncomfortable, but also lead to a spike in your monthly utility bills while putting stress on your HVAC system. Check for air leaks around your windows if one of your rooms remains cold even after you’ve set your thermostat to the highest possible setting. Consider adding caulk or weatherstripping to ensure an airtight interior. Alternatively, replace your windows especially if they’re already nearing the end of their lifespan.

Ice Formation

Frigid temperatures and high humidity are enough for ice to form on the inside surfaces of your windows and doors. Existing moisture in the small gaps and cracks expands under such circumstances, breaking the seals and causing other problems. When this happens, you might also have a hard time opening and closing them. See to it that you ventilate your home, especially in areas with high moisture levels like the bathroom and kitchen. Utilize exhaust fans to allow indoor moisture to escape.

Water Damage

Melted ice can leak into the frame, along the sills or into the walls. Soon, you’ll notice some discoloration or stains as well as mold, rot and peeling paint. Have your windows and doors repaired as soon as possible so they don’t get further damaged.

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