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Should You Match All the Windows in Your Home?

Replacing your old windows will instantly change the look of your home. It will also help improve your comfort and give enhanced protection against the elements. When planning your window replacement, one crucial decision you need to make is choosing styles. 

Continue reading to find out if all the windows in your home should match.  

Do All Your Windows Need to Match?

When friends and guests look at your house, one of the first things they would notice is your windows. Many homeowners choose the popular, symmetrical approach. This style is more common in neighborhoods with rules and regulations about home exteriors. 

The pattern of the windows on the sides of your home does not necessarily need to match the ones on the front. You can vary the styles of windows on the other areas of your exterior. Elevate the look of your windows with stylish grille patterns and trims. Experienced window replacement companies can help you choose the best window styles for your home. 

Keep These Things in Mind

While there’s nothing wrong with having different window styles in your home, make sure that the units complement each other. The last thing you want is for your new windows to stick out. When selecting window styles, consider how they will affect both your interior and exterior. For instance, while bigger windows appear beautiful from the outside, they could allow too much sun into a room. Always consider the function of a room when choosing new windows. Another thing to consider is the direction of prevailing winds to help improve ventilation indoors. 

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