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Water Quality and Window Cleaning: How Are They Related?

One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your new patio doors and windows is to maintain and clean them regularly. When cleaning your windows, always be mindful of the water you use. While hard water is ideal for drinking, it is not the best option for cleaning. 

Here’s how water quality can affect the outcome of your window cleaning. 

What Is Water Quality?

Natural elements, industrial machines and sewer systems are the main things that pollute water. You can determine the quality of water through its biological, physical and chemical composition. In untreated water, the most common pollutants are viruses, bacteria, salts and pesticides. 

Professionals test water through indicators, such as water alkalinity, potential of hydrogen (pH), color, odor and taste. They may also look for the presence of metals, bacteria and organic matter. Government agencies only allow certain contamination levels in drinking water, but some amounts of contaminants remain permitted in tap water. 

Hard vs. Soft Water for Window Cleaning

Reliable window contractors would recommend soft water for cleaning windows. Hard water has a lot of dissolved minerals in them, which reduces its effectiveness in cleaning. The magnesium and calcium in hard water can reduce the soap’s cleaning and foaming ability. Then, there are also hard deposits that can form on some surfaces, such as boiler interior and tubs. 

Professionals soften water by removing these minerals, increasing the effectiveness of cleaning. With soft water, you won’t need to use as much soap for thoroughly cleaned windows. You won’t also need to worry about streaks forming on the surface of your windows. Without deposit buildup on your windows, their lifespan will increase. 

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