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How the Right Windows Can Improve Indoor Ventilation

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Poor indoor air quality is a more serious problem than many realize. Several studies have estimated that indoor air is at least twice as polluted as outdoor air. Not to mention that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ranked the issue as one of the top five health hazards in the country. 

What are the ways to maintain indoor air quality? There’s the option of installing a mechanical ventilation system. However, it arguably makes more practical – and financial sense – to install new windows. Unlike a mechanical ventilation system, windows don’t consume electricity. 

Installing new windows can help improve indoor ventilation. However, keep in mind not all windows can provide the same level of ventilation. To maximize natural indoor ventilation (and the returns on your investment), you need to choose a window that can meet your needs. 

Choose Wide, Operable Windows That Can Provide Optimal Ventilation

Casement and double-hung windows are great choices if you want to maximize natural indoor ventilation. The sash on casement window cranks can be opened completely while double-hung windows’ movable, two-operating sash can allow fresh air in from the top and the bottom. 

Here’s a tip: it’s best to leave the sash of double-hung windows down. That’s because stale, humid air exits through the upper portion of your home. For more ventilation tips, consult one of your local window and door replacement companies

Take Advantage of Cross-Ventilation

If you’re installing several replacement windows, we recommend installing them in the northern and southern parts of your home to maximize cross-ventilation, which takes advantage of the differences in outside and indoor air pressure to draw fresh air into your home. To make sure your new windows are installed correctly, make sure to vet a window installer before hiring one. 

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