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Black Beauty: Why Black Windows Remain Popular

Black windows have always been a popular choice for many people. For instance, nineteenth-century warehouses and factories featured them. These days, you can find black frame windows in many places, from mill buildings in rural towns to modern and contemporary homes. They’ve been around for centuries, and there are no signs of them going away anytime soon.

Black Windows

To learn why dark windows are a favorite among homeowners, keep reading. 

Stylish Interior and Exterior

Black windows add a distinctive style and dramatic tone to your home. This is especially true when your interior design features a black-and-white theme. If you have light-colored walls, black windows help create an elegant space and establish a focused visual impact. Meanwhile, on the outside, black frame windows reflect sunlight and clouds when night comes. When you turn the light inside your home, they make a warm and welcoming statement.

No Need for Window Treatments

Black windows are designed to make an impressive statement. They need to be seen and admired, so covering them with heavy window treatments isn’t necessary. If privacy or light control is an issue, however, you may want to choose window coverings that can be drawn away during the day. Curtains on rods, for instance, allow space for the drapery to clear the window. Roman shades and other similar treatments can also be pulled above the window. Regardless of what color sashes you choose for the inside, keep in mind that the exterior color should be consistent throughout. 

Emphasize the Outdoors

Thanks to the negative properties of the color black, the interior sash and grip may disappear like an optical illusion. This way, your eye is drawn to the outside view. If you have a gorgeous outdoor view, be sure to choose black frame windows to emphasize them.

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