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A Quick Guide to Buying New Entry Doors

Entry doors are more than just a means to access your home. The right entry door can also command attention, improve your home’s security and protect it from the elements. In this blog, Madison Door shares a quick guide for buying new entry doors.

Features You Should Look For

Entry doors are available in every imaginable design and configuration. In addition to an aesthetically-pleasing appearance, your new entry door should also have the following features:

Security and Durability

The entry door should be strong enough to withstand the impact of large windblown debris. It needs to have a good balance between door weight—so the door can open and close easily—and durability.

Energy Efficiency

The entry door is part of what’s called the energy envelope, which also includes the exterior walls, roof, and windows. Therefore, it should have enough insulation to prevent heat leaks. Skilled door and window installation companies like us will also make sure the entry door is properly sealed. To ensure energy efficiency, look for ENERGY STAR® certification when you choose your entry door.

Low Maintenance

You’ve probably already invested in low-maintenance siding and windows, so it just makes sense to do the same with your entry doors. In addition to being more convenient, low-maintenance doors tend to have better moisture resistance.

Door Types

Traditional solid wood doors remain a good choice for entry doors, but they’re not the only option. Fiberglass and steel entry doors are great options as well, each with their own sets of pros and cons. Many homeowners choose metal doors because they’re the most affordable; however, the impact can result in dents. Fiberglass has a better resistance against temperature extremes, as well as low maintenance requirements.

Other Features

One feature that makes the door easier to use is an adjustable threshold that prevents doors from getting stuck. Another is a double-pane glass insert can help reduce the heat that passes through the doors, improving energy efficiency while allowing natural light into the entryway.

If you’re looking among door and window replacement companies for new entry doors, call Madison Door at (973) 822-1693. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.