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Important Questions You Should Ask Before a Window Consultation

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The initial consultation with a window and door replacement company is the first and arguably the most important step in buying new windows. This is the time when you get to ask critical questions that will help you make an informed decision. In this blog, Madison Door shares some of these questions:

How Do the Windows Work?

Most replacement window styles are familiar ones, but if you haven’t had your windows replaced in a while, there may be new innovations available that your current windows don’t have. For example, most window styles have removable or tiltable sashes, which allow for safe, easy cleaning. During the consultation, you can determine whether or not a certain window style will work for you. Are the Windows Available With Different Interior and Exterior Finishes?

Unless you’re planning on a full remodel, you’ll want windows that work with your home’s current interior and exterior materials and color palette. This is not an easy thing to do if your interior and exterior components are drastically different. Fortunately, window and door installation companies offer replacement windows with a variety of finishes available both inside and out. This will give you more flexibility in choosing window frames and sashes that match your home.

Does the Window Comply With Building Codes?

International building codes require windows in certain areas to be a specific size and height. Such windows are needed for emergency egress. While you’re not required to memorize building codes, your replacement window contractor is responsible for making sure that your new windows comply with such requirements. Also, remember that building codes change over time, which means corrections may need to be made to your new windows.

How Do You Plan Around Other Contractors’ Services?

A window is just one piece of a bigger whole, parts of which are made by other manufacturers and installed by other contractors. Some of these parts may be under warranty, so you need to choose a window contractor who will take care not to compromise your warranty coverage or damage other parts of your home.

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