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Window Shutters: DIY vs. Made-to-Order

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Shutters are a stylish choice of window treatment. DIY shutters can offer a great look for your home and potentially save money too. However, if you’re not confident about installing shutters yourself, you might want to opt for made-to-measure shutters instead to ensure a result you’re pleased with.

Read on as Madison Door, one of the most trusted window and door replacement companies in the area, shares some of the considerations you should make when choosing between DIY and made-to-order shutters.

Measuring Windows for DIY Shutters

You’ll need to take many factors into account, such as the window height and width, panel width, recess depth, frame size, angles, handles or latches, installation style and technical product specifications. Mis-measuring can result in various problems, such as incorrect ordering, shutters not fitting right, extra light bleed and functionality issues. Amendments can sometimes be made, but these are often time-consuming. If you have uniquely shaped windows, installing shutters yourself is even more complex.

Advantages of Made-to-Order Shutters

Custom-made shutters are generally a safer choice because they don’t come in standard sizes. By ordering custom shutters you can ensure the perfect fit and ease of installation. You can also have them made in any style you want, whether you need them to match your new patio doors or your old windows.

DIY shutters can be a gamble, and an error in your measurement can cost you significantly. With made-to-measure shutters, the sizes are more precise, giving you an assurance that not a single penny will be wasted. 

At Madison Door, we understand that you have specific door and window needs. That is why we always aim for a personalized approach in every project we handle. As one of the top-rated window and door installation companies in the area, we ensure excellent workmanship all the time. Call us at (973) 822-1693 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.