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Aging-in-Place Window Features to Look For

Nowadays, the costs of new homes are continuously rising, making it almost difficult for anyone to purchase a home anywhere they wish. Due to this phenomenon, home improvement and door installation companies are seeing an increase in homeowners who are opting to age in place, meaning that they stay in the homes they’ve owned for years even after they’ve retired. In line with this, these same homeowners are also modifying their homes to make them more senior-friendly and a popular modification is the installation of aging-in-place windows. However, before you install a new window for your aging-in-place plans, experts say that there are a few features you need to look for such as:

As you grow older, it can be harder to move around. This means that you won’t be able to maintain and clean your home as well as you used to, including your windows. With that in mind, if you want a window that’s aging-in-place friendly, pick one that doesn’t require much to maintain. That way, your windows will stay clean even without your interference for a long time.

Ease of Operation

Apart from a window that doesn’t require much when it comes to maintenance, window and door replacement companies also recommend that you pick a window that’s easy to operate if you intend to modify your home for your aging-in-place plans. By doing so, you can easily open and close it for better ventilation. Windows that fall in this category include sliders and push-and-pull double- or single-hung windows.


Finally, find a window that offers as much privacy as possible for your home if you intend to stay there even in your senior years. Windows that can help provide this include acrylic blocks with decorative patterns or your standard vinyl windows with film or clings. If you want something that’s more high-tech, on the other hand, you can also pick a window with smart-glass technology so you can darken the window’s tint with the push of a button.

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