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What You Should Know About Window Mulling

Windows are already a beautiful visual element by themselves. But with a little creativity, you can take their look to a whole new level. Perhaps, you should consider window mulling, a bold design choice that offers many distinct advantages. 

What Is Window Mulling?

This refers to the process of joining two or more windows together. Window mulling is either done in a factory or on-site during a new home construction, remodeling project or window replacement. But because of the complexity of joining several windows together, there’s often a limit to how large a single window unit can be. Using ones that are too big, in fact, might weaken the integrity of the windows and even break a few building codes. But, if you decide to go ahead with window mulling, you’ll soon find that it’s a worthy investment. Here’s why:

  1. Creates an instant focal point: With a long row of joined windows on one wall, you can give your home a clean and finished look that instantly draws the eyes. You can make an even bolder design statement by combining different window styles and sizes together into a single, seamless whole. This way, you can create a one-of-a-kind look for your home. But to ensure window mulling is done properly, it pays to work with trusted window installation companies like Madison Door, for the job.
  1. Expands your viewing area: The more windows you join together, the more expansive the glass area. This gives you a more expansive view of the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy that stunning sunset or lush backyard garden to the fullest.
  1. Increases your access to natural light: Window mulling creates a wall of light that can make your living space look neater, more cheerful and spacious. Not only that, this also allows you to illuminate your home during the daytime without relying on artificial lighting, leading to greater energy savings.

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