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Should You Leave Your Windows Open During Summer?

On certain summer days, you might choose to keep your home as cool as possible without having to resort to your HVAC. So, when it’s hotter than usual, you’ll naturally think about opening your windows. However, this may not always be the best decision, as doing so may make your home even hotter! So, what should you do?

Should You Keep Them Open All Day?

This depends on the weather. Even if there’s a breeze, you need to determine how hot the outdoor air feels and make the call on whether you should open your windows to let it get through your home. You might think that you’re cooling your home, but if you let in the breeze on a hot day, more hot air will get inside as well.

If you already have good insulation in your home, then it’s okay to keep your windows closed, especially if the sun is out and shining brightly. This works because the outside air tends to be hotter than your home’s indoor air, so you’d want to retain as much cool air as possible even if it’s still a bit warm inside. But this can be a bit different for homes that aren’t well insulated, but professional window and door installation companies recommend keeping them closed to prevent the warm air from coming inside. You may want to use a fan to circulate the air and keep your home cooler as well.

Leave Them Open at Night

Nighttime can be very cool and breezy during summer, which is a sharp contrast to the usually hot temperatures during the day. You can take advantage of the cool night air by opening your windows so that the warm air from in your home dissipates naturally. You can even place a fan out by your deck or patio to let in the cool air much faster!

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