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How to Keep Your Garage Doors in Good Condition

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As a general rule, you should inspect your garage doors at least once a month to make sure their opening mechanisms are working properly. Here are some maintenance tips.

Keep an Ear Out for Grating or Scraping Sounds

Well-maintained garage doors shouldn’t produce any grating or scraping sounds when you open them. These sounds are usually a sign your garage door’s rollers and moving parts need lubrication. As a general rule, your garage door’s rollers should be lubricated twice a year. 

What if the rollers and hinges become stuck or rusty? Apply penetrating solution, wipe off excess solution, and then apply grease. If the rollers and hinges are still stuck even after being lubricated, consult one of your local door contractors. 

Here’s a tip: if you can’t stand noisy garage doors, there’s the option of replacing metal rollers with nylon ones, which are quieter and require less maintenance.

Tighten Loose Hardware 

Grating or scraping sounds are caused by vibrations, which can also loosen your garage door and its track hardware over time. If the bolts on the brackets responsible for holding the door tracks to the wall and ceiling have become loose, tighten them with a socket wrench. 

Check if the Springs in Your Garage Door’s Opening Mechanism Needs to Be Replaced 

Eventually, constant use will take its toll on your garage door’s opening mechanisms. (On average, the spring in your garage door’s opening mechanism has to raise and lower a 300-pound door 6 times every day and over 1,000 times over a year.) How can you tell if the springs need to be replaced? Close your garage door. After pulling its emergency chord, lift the door halfway, and let go. Your garage door sliding down by itself is a sign the springs have become worn. 

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