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Window Condensation: Why It Happens During the Summer

Condensation is a common window issue during the summer. You will likely notice this when your home’s indoor temperature is cooler than the temperature outside, with beads of sweat forming on the surface of the windows. Generally, window condensation is not a cause for concern. It won’t affect the performance of your window in any way, so you shouldn’t stress about it.

 But how does condensation happen, and what can you do to minimize its occurrence?

Why Does Window Condensation Happen?

Basically, condensation occurs when the surface of a window is colder than the surrounding air temperature. This means the air outside your home could be humid. And, if you rely on air conditioning, this makes the air inside your home cooler than the outdoor temperature. Since your window experiences both warm and cool temperatures at the same time, moisture will form on the surface of the window – thus, making it look “sweaty.”

Should I Be Worried About Window Condensation?

Condensation is generally not bad for your windows. However, you might still want to keep a close eye on your windows and make sure moisture does not accumulate. While windows are designed to withstand rain, heat and other elements, moisture buildup could eventually affect your windows and lead to problems.

How Can I Reduce Indoor Humidity?

Condensation typically goes away on its own. But to ensure that moisture won’t build up or condensation won’t happen too frequently, you should lower the humidity inside your home. For example, when you’re cooking, make it a habit to turn on your exhaust fan. Furthermore, make sure your exhaust fan and all other appliances are able to vent outside. 

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