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Understanding Why Your Windows “Sweat” in Summer

windows sweating

Now that summer is in full swing, you may have noticed that some, if not all, of the windows throughout your house are “sweating”. The good news is that there is no reason to panic. What you are seeing is perfectly normal.

Condensation and Your Windows

To put it simply, window condensation is a phenomenon that occurs under the right conditions of humidity and temperature. For instance, if you have a can of ice-cold soda and bring it out on a hot summer day, water droplets quickly form on the outside of the can as it reaches its dew point and condenses. When an object is cooler than the air around it, the water molecules in the air come together and stick to the surface of that object forming a thin layer of water droplets.

According to window installation companies, the reason condensation is more noticeable during summer is because the outside air is usually very hot and humid while the temperature inside your house is kept relatively cool, thanks to your air conditioning system. 

Window condensation is more apparent if you have energy-efficient windows with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings installed. This is actually good news and is no reason to panic. Condensation on your window panes is a good sign and is one of the ways your windows are telling you that they are doing a good job. Inefficient, outdated or poorly insulated windows generally do not form condensation. 

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