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4 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

new garage door

A new garage door can improve your home’s exterior. But how do you know when it’s time to do so? 

1. Your garage doors are making loud noises — Unless you’re not the house’s first owner, and you’ve had your garage doors for a while, you should remember how your garage doors sounded when they were new. If your garage doors are starting to make squeaking, grating or grinding noises you should look into getting new garage doors.

2. Your garage doors are sagging — A sagging or unbalanced garage door can be, at best, unsightly if it doesn’t close or open all the way. At worst, it may place strain on your garage door mechanism, to the point where the entire thing will need to be replaced. Sagging is common on poorly maintained wooden garage doors, where the wooden components can sag from rot or uneven expansion and contraction. If your garage door has these signs, talk to door replacement companies about getting a new one.

3. The automatic reverse mechanism isn’t working — The automatic reverse mechanism stops and reverses the door if it detects an obstacle as it’s closing, much like the ones used in elevator doors. It’s a safety mechanism that can help protect yourself, a pet or a child if they happen to be in the path of the closing door. Make it a point to test this mechanism once in a while by placing a small block under the door as it’s closing. Ideally, the door should stop and reverse once it hits the block – if it doesn’t, you may need to look into getting a new garage door.

4. Your garage doors look dated — If you’re still using the same garage doors that you got decades ago, it might start to show its age. Not just in its condition, but in its looks. This can be painfully evident if you’ve recently remodeled your home’s exterior. Getting new and modern garage doors will bring your garage up to date. You’ll also benefit from updated operating mechanisms and controls.

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