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Skylights: What Your Contractor Should Be Telling You

two skylights

Skylights are a great solution for parts of your home that need natural lighting and ventilation, but can’t fit windows. However, installation will require careful planning as it will require making major changes to the roof. 

Installing a skylight to an existing roof is basically punching a hole through it, which means whoever is installing the skylights must have the skills and know-how to install the skylights while maintaining the roof’s integrity. Installation errors can increase the risk of weather-related damage, particularly at the seams and flashing around the skylights. This should not discourage you from installing new skylights, but instead encourage you to be more careful when choosing your contractor.

Skylight Placement

Planning the skylight placement is not as cut-and-dried as getting new entry doors. Skylights are basically windows on the roof, which means it has to be installed where there’s suitable framing. Other factors like roof slope and relative indoor humidity levels should also be considered. For example, if you are looking into getting skylights for a bathroom, improper positioning can allow condensation from daily bathroom activities to collect on the glass and result in a constantly-dripping ceiling.

Skylight Size

If you have the option to choose among skylight sizes, choose the biggest ones. It allows more natural light and ventilation, and if you choose insulated glass, it can help make the room more energy-efficient. If the skylight ends up being too bright for comfort, you can have retractable shades installed to block natural light when you want. A smaller skylight may not offer the same flexibility. If it turns out that you need more natural light in the room, you may have to get bigger skylights.

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