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Determining the Correct Window Size

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Style, color and design are often the top considerations of people when choosing windows for their homes. While aesthetics is definitely an important factor in your decision-making process, make sure that window performance is not compromised by your stylistic choices. Furthermore, keep in mind that size is also a crucial factor in the optimal efficiency of your windows. 

Check the Standard Window Sizes

Make sure the window openings in your home have been measured by your contractor before purchasing and installing new windows. Although windows typically come in standard sizes, these standard-sized windows might not fit perfectly into your existing window openings. In this case, you’ll need windows customized based on the shape and measurements of the openings. It’s possible to have the window openings altered, but this will only incur unnecessary and higher expenses.

Consider the Floor Area

Apart from the existing window openings, window replacement companies also make sure the size of windows is proportionate to the room’s total floor area.

Below are some basic guidelines that experts usually follow to prevent spaces from being too bright or too warm:

  • North-facing windows – Size can go up to 15% to 25% of the total floor area.
  • East- and south-facing windows – Size should not exceed 15% of the total floor area.
  • West-facing windows – Size should not go beyond 10% of the total floor area.

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