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Cold Weather: How Does It Affect Your Doors and Windows?

cold weather windows

When temperatures drop, isn’t all you want to do is go inside and cozy up on your couch with a warm drink in hand? However, before you get all comfortable indoors, check your windows and doors first. Like any component of your home, they can go through a lot during the colder months.  

Condensation Problems

When warm, humid air fails to escape through windows, condensation forms. It is not always a bad thing for your windows and doors. In fact, it can even be an indication of excellent energy efficiency. You can keep condensation from affecting the appeal of your windows by reducing humidity in your home. Running a dehumidifier helps, so as turning on exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom. 

Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Always consider your location and climate before getting new entry doors and windows. You want to invest in a material that can withstand the common conditions in your area. Certain materials are prone to expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature and humidity. For instance, the structural stability of wood can suffer under excessively humid conditions. Wooden windows and doors tend to shrink when it’s extremely cold. If you have them at home, make sure to treat them regularly with sealer or paint. 

Ice Buildup

Regular weatherstripping replacement is essential for the smooth operation and efficiency of your windows. Failing to do so will cause ice to form in the open areas between doors and windows and their frames. When ice forms on your windows and doors, they will be hard to open without damaging the weatherstripping. Once the weatherstripping cracks, ice buildup will worsen. 

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