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Easy Ways to Keep Your Windows From Freezing During Winter

keep windows from freezing

Patio doors and energy-efficient windows can help keep your home comfortable during the colder months. Remember that like any other part of your house, they are also exposed to winter conditions. One thing you should be concerned about is window freezing. It will not only cause damage to the unit, but also risk the safety of your household.  

Keep reading to learn how you can prevent your windows from freezing this winter. 

Address Leaky Windows

Outdated windows and those with broken glass panes and seals can allow drafts in your home. They will cause heated air to escape and let cold air enter, compromising your comfort and increasing your energy bills. The lack of insulation, worn weatherstripping and improper window installation can also result in drafts. 

Sometimes, caulking is enough to get rid of window leaks. However, if you have old or deteriorating windows, replacement may be your best option. Consider investing in windows with energy-efficient features, such as multi-pane glass and low-emissivity (low-e) coatings. Also, only consider experienced window and door replacement companies for your project. 

Maintain Healthy Humidity Levels

Reducing your home’s humidity can help minimize condensation formation on windows. You can do this by running a humidifier and keeping your home at a consistently cool temperature. It will help to wear long-sleeved or thick clothing so you can keep your thermostat as low as possible. When cooking or bathing, make sure to turn on your exhaust fans. 

Before the colder months arrive, have your HVAC system inspected and maintained. Malfunctioning or inefficient equipment will not effectively get rid of moisture in the air. Also, consider increasing your home’s temperature at night to prevent ice and frost buildup. 

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