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Replacement Window Warranties: A Guide

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Whenever you purchase new or replacement windows for your home, they should come with warranties or be covered by a manufacturer or the contractor who will install them for you. As these are complex things that need to be discussed, one of your trusted window replacement companies will walk you through what should be covered.

Understanding Warranties

As mentioned, these are guarantees that the buyers are getting service that achieves a certain standard. If not, the manufacturers, suppliers or contractors will have to fix or make necessary replacements.

Remember that there are things that warranties must cover. Most likely, your company must have insurance to cover any accidental damage to your home or the windows as they are being installed as well as damage sustained from improper installation.

A manufacturer’s warranty must cover all parts of your window and doors, including the hardware, frame and even the finishes.  However, different components will likely be covered for varying periods and conditions.

The Elements of Window Warranties

  • Lifetime warranties: This does not mean coverage for a lifetime, but the actual amount of time your manufacturer determines as the product’s projected service life.
  • Window contractor warranties: This usually includes free labor and installation features for a specific duration. If you’re getting a casement window replacement, you can ask your contractor ahead of time about this.
  • Transferability: While warranties have different features and coverages, they may or may not be transferable. Yet again, this kind of warranty is essential when maintaining your home’s added value upon getting a window replacement.

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