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Why Do Doors Expand And Swell?


Your home may encounter many problems, and dealing with them can be very challenging. Perhaps, you have noticed them changing with the seasons if you have wood doors. It is important to note that these can shrink in water, swell due to humidity and expand over the summer. While addressing these dilemmas can be difficult, one of the local door replacement companies will talk you through its basics and the things you can do to fix or prevent them. 

Door Swelling

Excess moisture is wood’s natural enemy. This means wooden doors are always at risk of swelling because they absorb moisture present in the air.

If you try to observe during summertime, doors will likely experience this and start sticking as the humidity levels outside increase. Similarly, your doors can also absorb moisture following heavy rainfall. Even in relatively dry weather conditions, your internal doors may still expand if you like taking hot showers, for instance. 

Preventing and Addressing Door Swelling

  • While absorbed moisture is what causes your doors to swell, door installation companies insist it is always urged that you keep humidity levels in your home down. A simple way to combat door swelling is to open your windows or turn on the exhaust simply. You can also use exterior paint to help your doors battle the elements while freshening them up a bit.
  • If you’re wondering whether a swollen door can shrink, fortunately, you’ll only have to use the heat gun or hair dryer to dry out the moisture. If your doors are wooden, sand them first. On the other hand, you can use a rotating fan for painted doors. You can take them down and repaint them if the color starts flaking.
  • By any chance, your doors are already out of shape, and drying or sanding them out does not seem to work, call for your contractors immediately. Madison Door offers the finest door materials and professional installation, and we’d always ensure you to get the best door for your needs and enjoy it for years to come.

Build Your Door!

For your door and window replacement needs, turn to Madison Door. We are among the area’s leading new patio door installation teams. We also offer a range of other exterior home services, including skylights and shutters. Give us a call at (973) 310-5932, or fill out our contact form to request a free quote.