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Tips on Choosing Windows for Different Rooms in Your Home

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Windows are essential to your home’s protection against harsh door elements, energy efficiency and overall appeal. They help keep your living spaces bright, comfortable and fresh. Since windows can contribute to better ventilation, they can also help improve your indoor air quality. Replacing outdated windows can elevate the appeal of your humble abode and even increase its value.  

When choosing a window style, you must consider the room where the new unit will be installed. Use these tips to help you pick windows for different rooms in your house. 


In bedrooms, you want windows that illuminate the space and improve cross ventilation. Consider operable styles, such as casements and double-hung windows. Keep in mind that there might be safety considerations for bedroom windows. For instance, building codes require second-floor bedrooms without a back staircase to be at a specific size and sill height. It will let you escape and allow firefighters to get inside during an emergency. 


The main concern for bathroom windows is privacy. You can get generous amounts of sunlight with transom windows and skylights. Having operable windows is also great for reducing humidity and moisture in this room. Moreover, placing windows higher on the wall can allow sunlight and help improve ventilation without compromising your privacy. 


Kitchen windows should be easy to use, allow fresh air inside and brighten up the room. Instead of double-hung windows, consider placing casements over your sink. They are easier to open and close when you need to reach over a counter or sink. Sliding windows are also great for windows because they are easy to open and let you control air circulation. 

Living Room

Because the living room is often the largest part of the house, it usually has the biggest windows. However, bigger is not always better when it comes to living room windows. You need to consider what outdoor views you get and the orientation of windows. For instance, expansive, south-facing windows can give the room sufficient illumination, but there’s the risk of heat transfer during summer. To avoid this issue, invest in an energy-efficient window that allows natural light while blocking the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.  

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