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Signs the Seals of Your Windows Have Already Failed

failing window seal

Modern windows with multiple panes of glass are usually filled with air or gas to enhance their insulative properties. They contribute to your year-round comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. However, as windows age, their seals become more prone to breakage. When this happens, they will no longer help insulate your living space.  

One of the area’s leading window replacement companies shares common indications of a broken window seal. 

Condensation in Between Panes

Fogging or condensation on windows doesn’t necessarily mean you need to contact professionals for repairs or replacement. Condensation on window glass occurs due to significant temperature differences between indoor and outdoor spaces. There’s no need to worry if the moisture is on the surface of the glass. However, if the fogging occurs between the panes of glass, the window seal has likely failed. 

Distorted Glass

Sometimes, a broken window seal causes the glass to bend and collapse in the center. As a result, the window glass can appear distorted or broken. To determine if the glass is distorted, go outside, and stand at a distance and look at the reflection. The reflection on affected windows will look more distorted than units in good condition. If you encounter this issue, contact a professional immediately. At Madison Door, our experienced team can help you determine if you need new windows. 

How Do You Deal With Failed Window Seals?

A replacement might be your best option if your window seals have already failed. However, this still depends on the condition and age of your unit. For instance, you might be able to file a warranty claim if your windows are new and installed by certified professionals. If your windows are aging and difficult to open and close, a complete replacement is more ideal. 

When it’s time for new windows, choose experienced professionals for your project. As one of the area’s best window installation companies, you can only expect quality service from Madison Door. Give us a call at (973) 822-1693, or fill out our contact form to get a free quote.