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Which Direction Should Your Casement Windows Open?

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Casement windows are simple in design as they operate by pivoting instead of sliding. They also offer good security as they require a crank to open while also providing better ease of use compared to sliding windows. As such, they’re often installed in hard-to-reach areas like over the kitchen sink. But if you’re wondering which direction they should open, it will mainly depend on several factors. 

Here’s what you need to consider.

Learn the Usual Terminologies

To determine which direction you prefer your windows to open, you must understand the different terminologies used in window installation. Casement windows are available as FCL (a left-handed crank with the locking mechanism on the right) and FCR (a right-hand crank with the hinges on the right and the locking mechanism on the left). Make sure to keep these in mind as they apply to the windows when looking from the exterior side of your home.

Which Direction Should Your Casement Windows Open?

Professional window installation companies understand that casement windows can be installed in any direction since there aren’t any set rules as to which side should be hinged. However, other factors must still be considered to determine where you want them to open. Even your dominant hand can sometimes be considered when installing casement windows, especially for single-window installations. They’re often installed in a bathroom or laundry area as they tend to be easier to open if the crank is on the side of your dominant hand.

Ventilation should also be considered since casement windows are designed to easily facilitate cross-breezes through your home. However, you’ll need to have the FCR and FCL casement windows on opposite sides of your home if you want to implement this. Placing them on opposite sides helps catch the breeze and let it blow toward the other window.

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