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How Do You Properly Fix Your Sliding Patio Doors?

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Sliding patio doors are designed not just to allow a great view of the outdoors, but also to provide more natural light indoors. Compared to French patio doors, sliding doors tend to be easier to open, but that doesn’t mean they need less maintenance. This is still needed to ensure they work safely and efficiently while also addressing a few problems that may otherwise hinder the way they operate. 

It also helps to learn about some common sliding patio door problems.

Damaged Screen

Torn screens are relatively easy to replace if the damage isn’t too significant. However, if the damage on the screen was caused by broken glass on your sliding patio door, you’ll need to be extra careful in making the repairs. Don’t put your safety at risk if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. Instead, let the professionals do the repairs for you!

Faulty or Damaged Latches

Fixing latches isn’t as easy as you think, so you may need to hire one of your trusted door installation companies to get the job done properly. And depending on the level of damage, you might need a full replacement if lubrication doesn’t solve the problem. If you think that it’s better to get a replacement, the lock must be removed so that you can take it to your local hardware store. A professional contractor can also do the job for you if you think that you’re too busy to do the replacement yourself!

Upgrade Your Sliding Doors

Along with proper care and maintenance, almost any type of problem on your sliding doors should be addressed to prevent further damage. But if your doors are already old or close to the end of their lifespan, why not consider replacing them entirely? You can even have sliding patio doors with good warranties offered upon purchase that guarantees their durability and reliability over the years. Just make sure that you work with the right contractor who can provide a quality sliding door installation as well as reliable maintenance.

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