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Should You Forgo Grilles on Your Windows?

grilles on windows

Planning a full window replacement can be exciting, but with all the design decisions you have to make, it can also sometimes be overwhelming. After all, it takes careful planning and consideration to get the right window style for your home. Even for window grilles, a few factors must be considered before deciding whether they’re appropriate for your home. 

Window Grilles and Their Origins

Window grilles used to serve an important function as early as the 1600s, specifically when London had a glass shortage. At the time, some of the early colonizers in North America created a glass factory in Jamestown because the area was near sandy beaches which were used to produce glass. A lot of the glass made in this area was imported back to London because the English glassmakers couldn’t make window glass profitably. This was also because English law required that only coal furnaces should be used in glassmaking, which wasn’t very efficient compared to wood furnaces.

Shipping the glass across the Atlantic took weeks and was difficult at first. Larger glass panes were more susceptible to breakage, so they were shipped in smaller sections instead. Full-sized windows were then assembled from the smaller glass panes using grilles. Of course, window grilles are still available today, but they’re mostly used as an aesthetic feature.

Choosing What’s Best for Your Windows

While it helps to consult with one of your trusted window installation companies about whether window grilles are appropriate, it will mainly depend on the style of your home’s exterior. Window grilles won’t always be necessary, after all. One helpful tip to consider is to think of what your current home style is. It will either be in the traditional or contemporary category, and different styles won’t always require window grilles on their exterior. For instance, Colonial-style homes traditionally have window grilles in their design, so retaining them on your new windows will be appropriate.

However, you don’t need to follow traditional design elements if it gets in the way of the view. Picture windows, for example, typically don’t need grilles on the glass pane because it can be a bit distracting when it obstructs the view of the back or front yard. Of course, you can keep them on your picture window if the view outside is a busy street or your next-door neighbor’s home.

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