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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Window

choosing bathroom window

Choosing a window for your bathroom can be a bit tricky. After all, its requirements are quite different from that of the windows for the rest of your home. Here are four factors you need to consider when choosing a bathroom window. 

1. Size

The fastest way to make your bathroom space look bigger than it actually is involves harnessing as much sunlight as possible. For this, you need a bigger window. Privacy, however, might prevent you from taking window size into account. This is especially true if your bathroom is facing the street or located on the first floor.

2. Glass

Most windows in your home have glass that’s completely transparent or clear. For bathroom windows, the glass can be frosted, stained, seeded or textured. You may not see what’s outside, but any of these choices are enough to let sunlight into your bathroom. You also have the option to have your bathroom window’s glass to have varying levels of transparency. The top half is clear while the bottom half can be opaque or like the glass treatments mentioned.

3. Style

The style of your bathroom window is also important. Not only should it match the aesthetics of the space, but also provide functionality. If you are installing only one, make sure it is operable so you can air out the bathroom and get rid of moisture and humidity.

4. Placement

Your window placement can also help add privacy to your bathroom. When placing windows, you can place them high up on the wall. This way, your window will let in as much light without you worrying about prying eyes outside your home. Alternatively, you can install skylights. Since they are placed on your roof, these will give you full privacy while taking advantage of the natural light and the view of the skies. Place these above your tub and admire the view while bathing in comfort.

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