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Is Solar Heat Gain a Concern for Homeowners?

The warmth of spring and summer can benefit you in many ways. However, too much of it – especially inside your home – can cause discomfort, higher energy bills and unnecessary strain on your cooling system. That is why reputable window replacement companies, such as Madison Doors, consider solar heat gain when recommending new windows to homeowners like you. 

Continue reading as experts share more information on the effects of solar heat gain on your property.

What is Solar Heat Gain?

Solar heat gain refers to the amount of heat that gets absorbed through a window, door or skylight. Once this heat warms up the various surfaces and objects inside a room, it tends to rise in the air – causing the indoor temperature to become warmer, too.

Your cooling system will then have to work harder to cool the space, resulting in an increase in energy consumption and utility bills. If your air conditioner is performing poorly, your indoor comfort will suffer. But if you think your cooling system has no issues, you might want to have your old windows checked. 

How Can You Reduce Solar Heat Gain at Home?

  • Use curtains and awnings. Curtains, blinds or awnings can block excess sunlight. Natural shade from trees can work too.
  • Opt for energy-efficient windows. Look for windows with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Check the ENERGY STAR® label so you’ll have an idea about a window’s performance rating.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and lamps indoors. Artificial lights may not generate much heat, but they can still add to your indoor temperature.

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