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How Do Quality Windows Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Keeping your home’s indoor air quality in check is crucial to ensuring the health and safety of your household. Changing your HVAC air filters regularly or running an air purifier always does the trick, but sometimes, the most obvious solution is the one that’s already apparent in your home. Read on as we explain how quality windows improve indoor air quality.

Why Fresh Air Is Important

Fresh air doesn’t just improve your home’s comfort, but also its indoor air quality. Despite being indoors, your home’s air quality can still suffer from air pollution. Even though your HVAC system filters out most of the unwanted particles as it pumps conditioned air from the outdoors, your home can still build up other pollutants and particles indoors. Some of the pollutants found indoors include pet dander, cleaning chemicals, aerosols and especially dust, and once they circulate throughout your home, they can lead to more frequent allergy triggers. 

Natural Ventilation

To ensure that pollutants and allergens won’t build up indoors, you need to let in more fresh air. One of the best ways to do this is to open your windows and doors, and let fresh air ventilate your home. Of course, you won’t need to keep them open all the time. You might even live in an urban area or near a busy road, so opening them isn’t always an option. As a leading source of high-quality replacement windows, we suggest opening them at night or when the traffic has lessened so that your home can still be ventilated.

How Better Windows and Doors Improve Indoor Air Quality

Even the quality of your windows and doors can affect how much fresh air can get into your home. If they’re made from reliable materials and installed properly, they can keep out the outdoor air pollution without any cracks and seals. And if they’re well-placed throughout your home, they can be opened whenever the outdoor air quality is good enough to replace the stuffy indoor air. Upgrading to bigger windows can also improve your indoor air quality especially when they can be opened wide to let in more fresh air!

You’ll always benefit from having lots of fresh air in your home. And if you need a window replacement, you can count on Madison Door to get the job done right the first time. Call us today at (973) 822-1693, or get a free quote online!