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What to Look for in a Window Frame

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When tackling a window replacement project, there are a lot of bases you need to cover. Apart from the window style and the size of the panes, you should also take the window frame material into account. After all, it will significantly affect you and your family’s quality of life after your new windows are installed.

Before settling on a specific type of window frame, make sure that you keep certain considerations in mind:

Window Frame Construction

The quality of the construction makes a difference in their overall appearance, longevity and performance of your replacement windows, and it all starts with the frames. An easy way to tell if your current windows have construction issues is when there are gaps between the window and the wall, as well as warping on the material. Drafts are indication that the frames aren’t constructed correctly or the window itself was poorly installed. In any of these instances, your best bet would be to have them replaced with new windows equipped with well-crafted, sturdy frames.

The Type of Window Frame

Another important decision you have to make when it comes to window frames is the type of material. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, but the following materials are well-known for their durability, insulation, and appearance:

  • Wood Window Frames. These have long been a popular choice. After all, they are great in performance, insulation, and curb appeal. In fact, in most older houses in the US, you can see wooden frames with exterior window shutters. These windows are classically beautiful and add charm to traditional homes. Moreover, wood-framed windows can be painted, stained, or aluminum-clad to meet your preferences. Although wooden replacement windows require more maintenance than some other materials, they can last almost forever if you take care of them regularly.
  • Vinyl Window Frames. Vinyl window frames are a favorite among many homeowners because of their affordability, durability, and insulation ability. With these windows, there’s no repainting, restaining, or refinishing required. When it comes to these windows, however, one drawback you should keep in mind is that they are available in fewer colors. Nevertheless, vinyl window frames are made with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers, which prevent the long-term degradation of the material by absorbing UV radiation. If filled with quality insulation, these window frames are highly energy-efficient and moisture-resistant. 
  • Fiberglass Window Frames. Fiberglass window frames require less maintenance and are durable. These frames are a reliable option for larger windows since they can withstand stress and significant variations in temperatures better than other materials. The frames made of fiberglass may seem dull at first, but you can repaint these window frames when needed.

Other Important Considerations

Ultimately, your window frame material choice boils down to your preferences and architectural requirements. Then again, you shouldn’t forget some of the other factors as you go shopping for new windows. For instance, your replacement windows should have the ENERGY STAR® label to indicate that they meet the federal requirements for energy efficiency. Also, you have to work with a reliable contractor who not only offers high-quality windows but also provides unparalleled workmanship through their professional installation services. Finally, discuss with your chosen contractor your window needs, asking questions about frame construction, finish, features and performance. The more information you obtain, the more you can get the most out of your investment.
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