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2022 Design Trends for Windows and Doors

window design trends

Are you planning to replace your windows and doors? This year is the perfect time for a home improvement project. However, with so many options to choose from, many people have a hard time deciding how to upgrade their window and door design for their homes. Fortunately, this year brings plenty of exciting new trends to inspire homeowners. Read on as Madison Door shares the biggest window and door design trends for 2022. 

Emphasize the Outdoors

Nowadays, many architects and contractors are interested in ways to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact when remodeling a house. After all, sustainable living is increasing in interest when it comes to home design. One way to emphasize the outdoors in your sustainable design is by investing in bigger windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows, for instance, are great at harnessing natural light, which can be extremely beneficial to your health. 

Consider Arched Windows and Doors

Arched windows and doors of exaggerated size and proportion are becoming popular. This design trend offers a contrast to the straight lines and right angles that make up most homes. Not only that, but this delightfully unexpected style also offers expansive areas of glass for instant visibility and daylight. When it comes to arched doors, for instance, you can create a generous and inviting entrance area. You can also add operating sidelites for easier and wider passage or geometric shapes to add architectural interest. 

Expand the Living Space

Expanding the living space for immediate or future flexibility is a smart solution to improve your home’s functionality. Investing in accessory dwelling units or ADUs is one good example. ADUs are a practical option in areas where housing is becoming less available. This home addition can be placed above a garage or built as a stand-alone structure on the property. To create consistency, be sure to coordinate the window and door styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of your ADU with the main home. 

Use Rich Colors on Frames

Black is still a popular color, but many homeowners are considering new color palettes. Browns, dark grays, and blues add drama to a home’s exteriors and give them a different depth. To add a pop of color to your exterior, you may want to update the color of your window and door frames in your renovation project. This way, you boost your home’s curb appeal and preserve window framing for many years. On the other hand, some choose a two-toned window frame and sash combination where the frame may or may not match the wall color, while the sash color contrasts with the frame. 

At Madison Door, we are familiar with the innovative design trends of 2022. Our professional contractors are determined to help you with your home improvement project. Call us today at (973) 822-1693, or fill out our online contact form to get a quote. We proudly serve homeowners in Madison, NJ, and the rest of Morris County.