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What Is the Ideal SHGC Rating for Windows?

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Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) pertains to the amount of solar radiation that passes through a window. Products with a lower SHGC are better at keeping sunlight and heat from your living space. Meanwhile, units with high SHGC ratings retain more heat during winter, helping keep your home warm. 

Continue reading to find out the ideal SHGC rating for your windows. 

The Best SHGC Rating for Windows

Warmer Climates

Southern regions mostly have a warm climate, making it essential to get windows that can help interior spaces remain cool. It pays to invest in windows that will illuminate your home without allowing heat inside. If you live in a warmer location, choose windows with an SHGC rating of at least 0.27. 

Colder Areas

Are you located in a colder part of the country? If so, get windows with an SHGC rating of around 0.30 to 0.60 to keep your home comfortable. These products can make the most of the sun’s heat. They naturally heat your home, reducing your dependence on your HVAC equipment. As a result, you will enjoy lower energy bills. 

What if You Live in a Place With a Mixed Climate?

Homes in the Northeastern and Midwest regions typically require both heating and cooling. If you are situated in these areas, the ideal SHGC rating for your new windows is lower than 0.40. Moreover, Southeast New York also has hot, humid summers and freezing winters. If you’re from this area, you will benefit from widows with an SHGC rating of 0.30 or below. 

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