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Fixed vs. Vented Skylight: Which Is Right for You?

Investing in a skylight is one way you can improve natural light in your home and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. If you’re planning to install one, know that there are two options you need to look into – fixed and vented. It helps to know the pros and cons of each so you can make better purchasing decisions.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights look simpler and are usually more affordable. Since they are inoperable – can’t be opened or closed – they’re slightly less prone to leaks. If you simply wish to light up a room where added ventilation is not necessary, it’s best to invest in fixed skylights. 

Since fixed skylights don’t have any moving parts, there’s minimal risk of failure due to wear and tear, blockages and weathering. For this reason, fixed skylights require less maintenance than other types of skylights. They have a clean exterior profile that will not negatively affect your roofline.

Vented Skylights

Vented skylights are known for their popularity. No matter what style you choose, they can be opened and closed either manually or automatically. Vented skylights offer the best ventilation, releasing hot air trapped inside the room while drawing in cooler and fresher air. With this feature, you help improve your home’s energy efficiency and prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. 

In addition, vented skylights can also increase your roof’s service life. In cold climates where snow and ice are common, vented skylights reduce weather damage by melting the snow and preventing ice dams from forming. In hot climates, meanwhile, the extra ventilation can help cool the roofing materials off, minimizing the damaging effects of heat, such as warping or buckling on shingles.

Whether you choose fixed or vented skylights, make sure that they are installed by qualified and experienced professionals. For top-tier products and workmanship, trust Madison Door! We are proud to offer our skylight options from VELUX®. Call us today at (973) 822-1693, or fill out our online contact form to get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Madison, NJ, and the rest of Morris County.