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Window Shutters: How Do You Take Care of Them?

window shutter care

Window shutters can beautify living spaces while improving comfort. Homeowners who live in busy neighborhoods or near the road will benefit from them since they reduce outdoor noise. They also keep unwanted sunlight and heat out of your interior. However, your shutters will only remain efficient if you care for them properly. 

Here are quick and easy tips for maintaining window shutters. 

Inspect the Components of Your Shutters

The older the shutters, the more prone they become to damage. Make it a habit to check the mechanisms of your shutters. Contact a professional if they seem to be in poor shape. To ensure efficient operation and prevent rust, you must oil rollers, guide rails and bearings yearly. 

Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

Wood, aluminum and vinyl are among the most popular shutter materials. Always be careful of the products you use to clean your shutters. For instance, you can use water and mild detergent for cleaning aluminum and engineered wood shutters, but not for natural wood. It’s because real wood can develop rot when exposed to excessive moisture. 

Wipe Shutters Regularly

Shutters don’t usually require a lot of maintenance to stay appealing. Often, all it needs is regular dusting with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a vacuum with a small, dry brush attachment. Moreover, wiping the interior shutters at least once a week with a damp cloth will help prevent dust buildup. 

Clean Exterior Shutter Hinges Monthly

It’s a good idea to clean and oil exterior shutter hinges at least once a month if you live in a place with excess pollution. You can usually fix squeaky or stiff hinges with household lubricant. Before putting a drop of lubricant, clean the surface of the hinges. Open and close the shutters a few times to allow the lubricant to penetrate the mechanism. 

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