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What Are the Parts of Your Entry Door?

A solid entry door is made of different components that work together to increase your home’s efficiency and visual appeal. If you’re looking to replace your old entry door, it helps to be aware of what the usual terms mean when talking to different contractors. Madison Door, a top choice for your door replacement needs, defines the different parts below: 

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Considerations for Your Patio Door Replacement

The warm temperatures and predictable weather of the summer season are more than ideal to get your home improvement projects done. But if you’re already approaching several contractors to compare their estimates, why not consider replacing your patio door as well? When you invest in a top-quality patio door, you’ll gain several benefits that improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. 

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How Do You Properly Fix Your Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding patio doors are designed not just to allow a great view of the outdoors, but also to provide more natural light indoors. Compared to French patio doors, sliding doors tend to be easier to open, but that doesn’t mean they need less maintenance. This is still needed to ensure they work safely and efficiently while also addressing a few problems that may otherwise hinder the way they operate. 


Why Do Doors Expand And Swell?

Your home may encounter many problems, and dealing with them can be very challenging. Perhaps, you have noticed them changing with the seasons if you have wood doors. It is important to note that these can shrink in water, swell due to humidity and expand over the summer. While addressing these dilemmas can be difficult, one of the local door replacement companies will talk you through its basics and the things you can do to fix or prevent them.